Pre-Divorce: Be Prepared.


What can a CDFa™ do for me?


A CDFA™ can help you achieve an intelligent divorce and save you time, money and unnecessary emotional drama.

By conducting a financial analysis early in your divorce process, a CDFA™ will educate you on all financial aspects of pending decisions. You will be given a clearer view of your financial future, be assured that your financial needs have been addressed, and will be fully informed and knowledgeable about the results of your settlement. We will also help you avoid long-term financial pitfalls related to your divorce agreement by analyzing and forecasting long-term effects of your divorce settlement offers.

After your settlement is final, a CDFA™ will work to insure that elements of the settlement and the processes necessary to implement the settlement as agreed upon are followed through. Additionally, there are items that should be addressed post-divorce to protect and solidify your financial future. A CDFA™ will provide guidance to confirm the completion of these important financial details.  Many of these areas to address are listed in the Post-Divorce area of the site.

It’s simple:  a CDFA™ provides the financial clarity that will reduce you and your spouse’s misunderstandings about your financial reality and long term needs, help you