Divorce Financial Planning

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® has specialized skills and experience that enables the analyzing and evaluation of the long-term financial impact of divorce settlements.  A CDFA®, addresses the special financial issues of divorce with supporting data to assist in helping to achieve equitable settlements that will hopefully be agreeable to the parties involved. Through the financial analysis process, a CDFA® can assist  clients to think logically through the real cost of divorce, the future impact of the settlement and develop a realistic picture of their current and future financial situation as they transition into a new lifestyle.

A CDFA™ professional provides:

  • Personal financial analysis for the client
  • Powerful case exhibits in graphs and spreadsheets
  • A breakdown of the short and long term impacts of the settlement
  • Professional support to client’s professional team members on financial matters

In the analysis and breakdown of marital finances, a CDFA® assists their client’s understanding of:

  • Personal vs marital property
  • Spousal and child support
  • Splitting house options
  • Tax consequences and solutions
  • Value of and division of property
  • Retirement and pension evaluations: present and future values

A CDFA® professional is your go-to financial expert throughout the divorce process.  We are trained to watch for adverse tax consequences, to demystify tough to value businesses and investments and provide guidance on which assets are the most and least favorable to the client’s settlement.   The advice of a CDFA® provides peace of mind of the financial feasibility of the settlement, an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation and an expert on your divorce team focused on your unique financial situation.