Your CDFA™ and Attorney



A divorce literally can be the largest financial transaction in a person’s life. Though attorneys are experts in legal matters their area of expertise is not in finance and a substantial portion of a divorce settlement entails the separating and settling of financial assets, commitments and obligations.

By engaging with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ prior to meeting with legal counsel, a   CDFA™ is able to analyze your situation to provide you with an objective financial picture of your and your families assets and liabilities. This objective analysis will provide you clarity of your situation and free up your legal counsel to concentrate on the legal aspects of the case.  As the case moves forward, we are able to adjust your financial picture when new information comes forward through your or your attorney’s discovery of new financial facts or a change in the financial situation.

We partner with you and with your attorney to insure the financial aspects are set forth in a manner to represent a settlement based on financial facts not emotions or unrealistic financial settlement recommendations.  Our analytical review will not only support the divorce settlement, but also the review will serve as a basis to structure future spending and investment plans to secure your future.

When you decide to move forward with a divorce it is advisable that you seek appropriate expert legal advice as part of your divorce team. And if you or your family is subject to or been threatened by domestic violence it is strongly recommended you seek legal counsel immediately.